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Sadhana Forest India was established in 2003 on severely degraded land. After 13 years of ecological conservation the land is now a burgeoning Tropical Dry Evergreen forest. We retain monsoon water by building bunds, swales, gabions, and earthen dams. Water percolates into the aquifer rather than running off. 32,000 trees from 170 species have been planted, more than 53 species of birds and animals have returned. Many thousands of people from all over India and the rest of the world have been trained in wasteland reclamation techniques and Permaculture.

Sadhana Forest Haiti was started in 2010 after the earthquake. Our objective is to restore food security in the area of Anse-à-Pitres by reintroducing the Maya nut tree, a food bearing and carbon fixing tree. Each tree can meet 30% of the food needs of a family. It offsets the greenhouse effect by permanently sequestering CO2 in the soil as limestone. We built a nursery that has already produced 80,000 seedlings of Maya nut trees that were planted by thousands of families trained by our team. Many of the trees are already producing seeds. 

Sadhana Forest Kenya began in 2014 in Samburu County. The Samburu suffer from recurrent droughts, malnutrition, and dependency on foreign food aid. They are currently transitioning from pastoralism to agriculture with ill-suited agricultural knowledge to their semi arid environment. In 2014, we constructed a training center and tree nursery on our 27 acres of land and started creating an indigenous food forest. Through this forest and through training local people in innovative tree-planting and gardening techniques, we are helping the Samburu achieve food autonomy. The project established with a grant from UNDP has already impacted 1,975 people. In 2015, the Governor of Samburu County visited the project and acknowledged its contribution.

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