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Access to and affordability of quality, licensed childcare in the New River Valley is a significant barrier to low-income parents seeking to participate in the local job market.These parents may be left with a difficult choice. Without childcare, some parents are unable hold a job, leaving them dependent on public assistance and unable to strive for their family’s self-sufficiency. Other parents may choose to leave their child in substandard, informal childcare arrangements while they report to work. Such informal childcare arrangements can be unsafe, unstable, and do little to contribute to the child’s physical and emotional development and school readiness.VICCC believes that both scenarios result in families that lack self-sufficiency and are at risk of falling into a cycle of generational poverty.


Valley Interfaith Child Care Center, Inc. (VICCC) believes a society that values its own future must care for its youngest and most vulnerable members. Because cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development begins at birth, VICCC strives to make the earliest and most formative experiences of children’s lives positive and rewarding. In cooperation with governments, local social service agencies, civic groups, businesses, academia, individuals, and the special support of New River Valley faith communities,VICCC’s goal is to create high-quality, affordable, educational, and nurturing care for very young children (ages 0-4) of income-eligible, working families in the New River Valley.

To support low-income families in their pursuit of self-sufficiency through employment,Valley Interfaith Child Care Center, Inc. (VICCC) operates a fully licensed childcare center that provides high quality childcare at a subsidized price our families can afford.VICCC parents can report to work knowing that their children are in a safe, loving, learning environment,where they will benefit from a curriculum that stresses literacy, self-esteem and school-readiness, and a nutrition program tailored just for them.