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About Us

The Inspiration

NYC Medics was born in the wake of the 2005 South Asia Earthquake, when 11 paramedics and two doctors from New York City came together in response to the unbearable numbers being broadcast; tens of thousands dead in the mountains, hundreds of thousands injured and dying. Invariably each news report spoke of inaccessible, remote mountain villages, cut off from aid with an impending winter that could kill more than the earthquake itself. Hidden between the lines of all these news reports was the sentiment that perhaps this was one catastrophe too many for one year, occurring not long after both the Indonesian tsunami and hurricane Katrina. In the hearts of our medical professionals was the sickening feeling that the ball was being dropped, that a tired world was already beginning to look past this tragedy; that the event was becoming history even while people were still dying. For the 13 in New York it was time to take a stand. Within a week they amassed critical medicine, medical equipment, food, and the logistics to get a team halfway around the world. The team was dropped off by a US Navy helicopter in the northern mountains of Pakistan; within moments the severity of the disaster was clear. In the coming days word traveled throughout the valley about the arrival of a foreign medical team operating under a tarp by the rubbled clinic. With each day a growing number of patients arrived, many traveling miles of treacherous trails carrying loved ones on their backs or with makeshift stretchers. As they worked in their clinic many patients, spoke of those who could not make the journey for help -- villages as large as 5,000 had not yet received even the most basic form of care. The decision was made to split the team and go to where the patients were. Village after village, mountain after mountain, they continued to find communities in dire need. This decision, to seek out those who needed care, set a paradigm for future disaster response and born the inspiration for mobile medical disaster relief.

The Mission

Saving lives and lessening human suffering. NYC Medics rapidly deploys to remote and difficult to reach areas in disaster zones and complex humanitarian emergencies providing the highest level of medical care with dignity, integrity and compassion to people who would otherwise not have access to aid and relief efforts.

NYC Medics has been documented by CBS 60 Minutes, PEOPLE Magazine, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, and other media outlets throughout the world. You can learn more about us at