American Music Theater Festival, Inc. t/a Prince Music Theater

  • PA

About Us

The Prince Music Theater’s mission is to present and cultivate an exceptional range of high-quality performing arts, film, and other programs that engage, entertain, and educate diverse audiences. The Prince’s intimate and welcoming theater and performance spaces on the Avenue of the Arts resume their position as a dynamic hub of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary events that bring together audiences of all ages and backgrounds to experience the arts.

The Prince will bring distinctive cultural experiences to Greater Philadelphia and will support the finest artists and companies, both locally-based and international, in order to enhance Philadelphia’s vibrancy as a renowned cultural center. The Prince will support the missions of Philadelphia’s most important arts education institutions by providing superb performance and rehearsal spaces for the next generation of professional artists. The Prince aims to sustain the great American songbook and musical theater legacy, to nurture innovative artists in all disciplines.