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About Us

Foundation Bon Samaritan is a Pittsburgh PA based  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization  with the mission, duty and purpose  to popularize the notion of Good Samaritan “To grow mercy” we are devoted to do so by creating useful, strong-based and empowering structures that will help increase economic stability, increase literacy, revitalize culture, promote sport and good health. Our vision is to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief that will alleviate and eliminate exodus movement, break the cycle of poverty through Children, Youth, strengthen woman movement and Families on a local and global level

At the discretion of the board of directors and our leadership team or officers, we may provide goods, services, or funds to ordinary individuals in need of the most important yet basic human rights to during times of tribulation by trying to help them to secure their humanity through the provision of their basic need such as fresh water, food and education materials. These individuals will be selected regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, and age.

As a determined entity, Foundation Bon Samaritan Inc.  which is also legally established in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by the Ambassador of peace "Catholic Priest" Jean Leon Katshioko is gearing up to respond to the many challenges of the  local population of the rural zone of Kwenge in Bandundu DRC. We are planning to do so by involving the villagers to participate actively in the Foundation activities so that children could start studying instead of working in the fields or going hunting, youth could learn a useful trade rather than taking up weapons and become rebel soldiers in wars, and to keep girls from all kind of violence..

We are planning to give hope for a better future and promote economic independence in the rural zone of the DRC by:

• Bringing basic economic stability by empowering the locals.

• increasing and improving literacy to eradicate rural exodus

• Revitalizing culture; promoting sport and good health