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About Us

Smart Start Rowan is a non-profit organization, formed in the early 1990's to address issues affecting young children in Rowan County. Our programs include the following:

NC Pre-K Program: The NC Pre-K Program provides free high quality pre-kindergarten education for four-year-olds who may not have had the opportunities that prepare them for success in school. The program is built on the belief that all children can learn if given the opportunity, but many children have not had the same level of opportunity as other children. All NC Pre-K classrooms must meet specific standards designed to provide the kind of quality experiences that will best prepare four-year-olds for success in kindergarten.

Program for 4 year old children ONLY!

Child Care Referrals - Through Smart Start Rowan's Child Care Resource and Referral parents may receive help with finding child care that meets their individual needs. During the referral process familes also receive information on indicators to use to locate quality child care.

Early Learning Resource Center - Smart Start Rowan offers an Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC), located in the Smart Start facility. The Early Learning Resource Center provides educational and age appropriate materials: educational toys, books, and games for parents borrow for their young children. The ELRC also provides parenting videos, books & activities to help support your young child's growth.


Star License Enhancement is offered to all licensed childcare facilities in Rowan County who have obtained a 4 or 5 star license. the program is aimed at improving the quality of child care through the payment of monthly enhancements. These payments are based on the star rating and the number of subsidized children enrolled in each facility.

WAGES - The Child Care WAGE$ Project provides education-based supplements to directors, teachers, and family child care professionals working at star licensed child care facilities serving children birth to age 5. The project aims to promote continuity of care, reduce classroom turnover and promote teacher education.