Friendship Organization for Development

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About Us

We are a nonprofit school / community organization based here in Siem Reap town. We are currently providing Free education to disadvantage children. Our main objective is to support the children by offering safe and loving environments along with education to them grow in to the young adults of the future.

We have the exactly education system that help our many students for adult program and children program. We help our students in adult program to find jobs that what they really need to do in Siem Reap , Cambodia.

We are ideally looking for volunteers who can commit to 2 weeks plus and are interested in donating some time and energy, who will enjoy interacting with a great bunch of students, assisting with teaching and generally becoming part of the community whilst helping out with the day to day running of the organization.

We are currently unable to offer accommodation or food to our volunteers but are more than happy to arrange on reasonably priced accommodation, free pick up within the Siem Reap town area.

Please contact :

Phone number : +855 886494774

Many Thanks