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About Us

The vision of MEHSUS Foundation (Movement for Education, Health and Social-Security for Under-Privileged Segments) is to prepare marginalized groups and communities for life in 21st century India through Education, Health and sustainable Livelihood. For this purpose MEHSUS will mostly work as a link between developmental agencies (both governmental and non-governmental), policy makers and the groups/communities in question.


  • Give necessary tools and skills to the marginalized groups and communities so that they can meaningfully participate in the process of development.
  • Constantly strive to make available information on key development issues to the marginalized sections of the society so that they can also contribute to the debate about various models of development.
  • To make use of traditional methods of social communication and community mobilization for the purpose of development.
  • To make sustained efforts to research, conserve, document and apply traditional knowledge systems for the purpose of development.
  • Implement programmes to increase the quality of life of marginalized groups/communities.
  • To promote the education of the downtrodden and poorer sections of the society in the Country.
  • To provide financial aid to the children of the widows and also orphans.
  • To provide medical aid to the needy and the poor of the society in the Country.
  • To publish and propagate the works of scholars on social learning to promote communal harmony.
  • To provide financial assistance to the needy and poor students from any section of the society.