African Development Institute

  • NY

About Us

Founded in 1995, the African Development Institute is a nonpartisan public policy research organization incorporated in New York. The African Development Institute is dedicated to fostering and promoting the human and material development of Africa and for Africans in the diaspora. To achieve this goal, the Institute pursues three separate but related strategies:

  • solution-oriented research
  • empowering education
  • advocacy for self reliance through formulation and implementation of indigenous development policies.

The Institute is an NGO in Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

The African Development Institute exists primarily to confront the prevailing development paradigm and promote alternative development strategies that are compatible with the value system of the African society. The purposes for which this Corporation has been organized are to:

  • promote unity, cooperation and understanding among Africans
  • affirm and define the legacy of African Civilizations
  • advocate policies aimed at promoting economic self-reliance and increasing the quality of life of Africans
  • encourage and promote institutions that respect human dignity and the ideals of a civil society
  • rescue and reconstruct the African value system
  • identify the needs of Africans and the resources available to fulfill those needs