The Lenny Zakim Fund

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About Us

The Lenny Zakim Fund, reflective of Leonard Zakim's ideals, provides resources that enable and empower people and communities to effectively address social and economic injustice.

 LZF Believes In

·         Commitment to the legacy and vision of Lenny Zakim: "They have the will. They have the creativity. But they lack the means. We give them the means."; Making a positive difference in the lives we touch; Diversity, equity and inclusion; Bridge building; Social justice; Networking; Community knowledge and engagement: Learning

 The Lenny Zakim Fund supports organizations that: Improve educational opportunities for children, youth and immigrants; Promote positive youth development and prevent violence; Promote social and economic justice and human and civil rights; Serve people facing medical challenges and/or physical or cognitive disabilities

 The Lenny Zakim Fund supports organizations through:      Financial grants; Education; Management assistance and coaching; Pro bono legal services; Networking