Joseph Garilus Diabetes Foundation

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Post Office Box 210285
St. Louis
United States

About Us

The Joseph Garilus Diabetes Foundation is committed to the reduction of diabetes – and the prevalence of infectious diseases related to diabetes – in the St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to promote social change through the effective application of diabetes awareness education and testing, in order to create a heightened understanding within the St. Louis area’s high risk social groups.

The Joseph Garilus Foundation is committed to raising awareness - regardless of social, economic or ethnic factors and will continue to provide high quality diabetes care and expert advice to people that are directly affected with type I and II diabetes. We will continue our door-to-door test screening for people in the community and will work diligently toward the goal of bringing awareness and understanding to those individuals who may not have received this life changing, life saving information from any other source.

Why does the foundation exists? To reduce the prevalence of diabetes disorder in the St. Louis community.