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About Us

GWC's mission is to protect endangered species and habitats through science-based field action.

Preserving the planet's threatened and dwindling wildlife is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Current extinction rates are as much as 1,000 times higher than extinction rates in the fossil record, and increased habitat destruction and exploitation of species are making matters worse. Moreover, at-risk species are more concentrated in the developing world, where population growth rates are high and resources for conservation management are scarce. There are over 20,000 species of plants and animals worldwide known to be in danger of extinction, including 13 percent of birds, 25 percent of mammals, and 41 percent amphibians. Indeed, the rapid decline of frogs and other amphibians over the past several decades has raised worldwide alarm.

The need to protect biodiversity is made obvious by one dire and unavoidable fact: extinction is irreversible. Once a species disappears, it is gone forever. The loss of biodiversity impoverishes the natural world, removing countless practical benefits to humanity such as environmental maintenance, food, and potential medicines. We have a moral obligation to preserve the planet's animals and plants for the good of humanity today and into the future.

GWC focuses on action to stem the current extinction crisis and global threats to biodiversity and the environment. We base decisions on solid science and conduct all operations using sound environmental and social ethics. We are conducting innovative and unprecedented field expeditions, scientific research, and wild lands conservation.

The world's environmental problems, resulting from a complex array of human activities, demand rigorous scientific investigation and action across national boundaries. GWC is designed to meet these challenges. We collaborate with in-country partners and the world's leading conservation organizations, universities, zoological and botanical organizations, and museums that have long studied the environment from multidisciplinary perspectives. GWC strives to improve biodiversity conservation by advancing both academic and applied approaches to conservation research, action, and education. Along with partners, we are pursuing a common goal: to understand and maintain the natural world and its biological diversity. GWC generates the data and insights that are vital to determining the scope of the extinction crisis and crafting effective actions to halt it.