Providence Animal Center

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About Us

Providence Animal Center was established in 1911 with the original purpose of providing watering troughs for work horses around Delaware County. In the 1930s, our existing facility, in Media, Pennsylvania, opened to serve all animals in the community. After serving many years as an open-intake facility, in 2012, we made the courageous change to become a lifesaving organization, which means no adoptable animal is put down. Euthanasia is reserved only for animals who are incurably sick or too behaviorally aggressive to be adopted out into the community. In 2016, we announced our new name: Providence Animal Center, which better portrays the important lifesaving work that happens every day: we care for and adopt out pets we rescue from overcrowded shelters, pets who are relinquished by their owners as well as rescue and rehabilitate animals who have suffered cruelty and neglect. We are not breed-specific and have a special loyalty to “bully” breeds. In addition to placing orphaned pets in forever homes, we prevent future pet overpopulation through community programs including low-cost public veterinary and behavioral services, humane law enforcement and education and pet food pantries. In 2017, we adopted a record 4,002 cats and dogs into forever homes, beating our previous adoption record of 3,765 in 2016.

At Providence Animal Center, we offer life‐affirming rescue, medical care, treatment, protection and placement of companion animals that forever upholds the critical importance of the human‐animal bond. We have an unwavering commitment to this mission and will always strive to deliver the most optimal, advanced care to our animal friends – and their owners. Simply put, Providence Animal Center is Lifesaving. Adoption. Wellness. Community.