Coos Elderly Services, Inc.

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390 S 2nd St
Coos Bay

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About Us

Proving that a small number of people can change many lives, Coos Elderly Services represents a pioneering social services program that continues to blossom into an unprecedented continuum of care model. Coos Elderly Services promotes the dignity and security of vulnerable people who need assistance in managing their financial affairs. Acting as client advocates and intermediaries, staff and volunteers of Coos Elderly Services address a complex myriad of client needs. Working with community partners, Coos Elderly Services assists clients in reaching financial goals that increase quality of life, create less dependence on support agencies and provide clients with a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Coos Elderly Services assists a diverse group of community members, the majority of whose incomes are well below poverty level. Whether mentally or physically disabled, elderly or transitioning into independence, our clients receive a variety of services that acknowledge their life story as unique and significant. Although the majority of clients reside in Southwestern Oregon, our services extend well beyond the state. Our services include Financial Management and Support Services, Representative Payee Services, Conservatorships, and Guardianships, although it is the everyday client interaction that creates life-changing possibilities.