Heidi & Pedro

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Avenida Hidalgo # 1061
C.P. 44160

About Us

What is the Home Heidi & Pedro?

An open house for street children and youth in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Why the project name?

"Heidi and Peter," now the title of the aging but still current book by the swiss writer Johanna Spyri, we have chosen as the name. The Young Adult Literature in Mexico just as well known as in Switzerland. The story is both loneliness and rootlessness, as well as repatriation, protection, and humanity.

What is the refuge available? For minors aged between 10 and 18 years of both sexes, we offer:

  • 26 beds (for boys)
  • Food and Clothing
  • social support
  • Medical and psychological care
  • Education and Life Skills