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About Us

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) is dedicated to both excellence and access. The most important facets of the university's mission are to offer high quality undergraduate and graduate programs to a broad spectrum of students and to foster student growth and development. To these ends, the university attaches primary importance to excellence in teaching. Since program quality is enhanced by professional activities beyond the classroom on the part of the faculty, emphasis is also given to pure and applied research and to academic and public service.

Unique to Northeastern's mission are the two distinctive features of diversity and community partnerships. Because of its location in the Chicago metropolitan area, the university serves a population which is diverse in age, culture, language, and race. This diversity, a major asset, means that the academic programs utilize a variety of perspectives to enrich the teaching and learning experience and to prepare students for the multiculturalism which characterizes our society. The university's location also provides students and faculty with many opportunities to integrate field-based learning, research, and service with classroom instruction.

Northeastern Illinois University preserves the finest traditions of university education, augmented by active involvement in the metropolitan area, on behalf of the residents of Illinois.

The goal of the Northeastern Illinois University Placement Office is to provide comprehensive services designed to help NEIU undergraduates, graduates, and alumni with their job search. Our primary objective is to assist students and alumni by providing expertise in job interviewing techniques, resume writing and job search alternatives. While employment cannot be a guarantee, the Placement Office can help in developing strategies, options and in implementing a plan of action.