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Joined in October 2006

About Us

CadifKenya is a community based organization started with the mission to facilitate sustainable Socio-Economic development in pro-poor slum areas of the Great Lake Victoria Basin and its catchment areas

As a community based organization, CadifKenya is all-inclusive , non-profit, non-partisan and non discriminative with its target group embracing marginalized low income group along the lake region cutting across youths ,women’s and vulnerable sex workers and children of low income or orphaned families from all walks of life from grass root to urban professions . We works towards facilitating our target groups to be semi-autonomous , plan design and implement strategies to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS, access to health care services, sanitation, Environmental management, Market access ,illiteracy and poverty in communities and we believe in working for a practical outcome.

Mission statement

CadifKenya is a community-focused network with a mission to mobilize resources, empower the community to enhance their capacity to reduce the risk ,vulnerability and mitigate the socio-economic impact through targeted intervention and help voluntary community based social networks acquire the tools to build financial sustainability of their interventions.

Our Vision

Prosperity with a healthy empowered community where development space is entitled, information gaps is eliminated, Democracy is practiced and Human suffering is eliminated. We envision the day when the voluntary sector will take its place alongside government and the private sector, enabling people throughout the world to participate freely in setting the course of their lives and fulfilling their common needs


--To contribute to the sustainable development in the Lake Victoria basin peri-urban region through improved organization and marketing of social network initiatives primary mobilized in slum areas.

--Promote gender intergraded foras for open discussion on issues to do with reproductive right , HIH/AIDS, substance abuse and our perceived cultural values for a healthy society.

-influence policy change in areas of development gaps in a bid to promote equal resource allocation and locals initiatives through lobbying, strengthening and managing locally available resources in macro-investment enterprises, water and sanitation access in order to creates capability and accountability in taking right and demand to gain job market .

-facilitate the creation of space for eradicating illiteracy through promoting education and influence economic governance in a bid to achieve Millennium development goal -Syndromes management of STIs focusing on safer sex practice, clean environment& improved sanitation and strengthening referrals clinical management within the community. -Socio-economic support to the pro-poor through RLFS/Micro credit and offering standing capital, market research and other community poverty eradication sustainable intervention. Improving the quality care for orphans, street children and other OVC through home based economical care, Education and Research approaches. To fulfils the UN charter on child right namely Child survival, Child development, Child protection and work toward millennium Development Goals(MDG) Developing a worldwide network for sharing and developing skills, knowledge and experience

Advocating for an enabling environment to encourage the growth of philanthropy and other forms of support to enable voluntary organizations to achieve their aims

CadifKenya policies and core values

•The ethical basis for CadifKenya is that it look beyond empowering young generation in a free poverty space to the welfare of starting at home and expanding outward gradually but effectively. Its CadifKenya`s believe in joining hands as young people to built trust in each other in establishing a more equitable and sustainable Innovative, promoting and multiplying such a innovative approaches for increasing and diversifying sources of support Inclusive and diverse: the CadifKenya is inclusive and diverse in terms of the people and organizations involved and in its ideas In Contributing to the development direction of the community needs and pro-poor responses through Resource mobilization and Research. The member organizations of the CadifKenya are mutually accountable and share a common commitment and high standards for local resource mobilization and fundraising We believe in genuinely fighting to eliminate the seed of discords, social ills such as poverty illiteracy, Corruption and HIV /AIDS, among others

CadifKenya is a community based organization started with the mission to facilitate sustainable Socio-Economic development in pro-poor slum areas of the Great Lake Victoria Basin and its catchment areas

As a community based…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Volunteering


  • Box 9104, kisumu, None 40100, Kenya

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