Baan Doi - Home and Healing Center for Children

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About Us

Baan Doi - Home and Healing Center for Children is an NGO situated in a small village in the district Mae Sai in Northern Thailand. It provides a safe and caring home for children affected by HIV/AIDS and who don't have a guardian. Baan Doi provides a safe and loving home, medical care and education. The children have the chance to grow up in a familiar and safe environment. Furthermore, the activities Baan Doi is doing with the children keep them healthy and are fun. Each child is supported individually.

Baan Doi actively supports families from the surrounding villages who are affected by HIV/AIDS by providing food, advice, assistance, materials for school and financial support for the transportation to the hospital. Family members may participate in the activities at Baan Doi, especially on the monthly Family Day.

In addition Baan Doi is doing community work by organizing workshops and by offering English classes.