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About Us

"Protecting Special Lands in Lane & Douglas Counties"

The McKenzie River Trust is a nonprofit, 501(c(3) land trust working in Lane and Douglas counties (Oregon) with willing landowners to protect special lands. Formed in 1989 for the protection of critical habitat and scenic lands in the McKenzie basin, the Trust expanded its service area in 2000 to include the Siuslaw, Long Tom, Coast and Middle Forks of the Willamette, and Umpqua watersheds. Over its 17-year history, the Trust has worked with landowners and diverse partnerships to protect, forever, over 2,250 acres of special lands.

Land trusts are one of only three entities in the United States charged with protecting land in perpetuity, the others being the government and cemeteries. The McKenzie River Trust acquires land and conservation easements to provide the greatest assurance that sensitive lands are protected in perpetuity. Our projects are tailored to each landowner’s needs, rewarding stewardship of natural resources with both protection and financial incentives. We have successfully raised over $3.4 million in the last three and a half years to purchase 1,040 acres in the McKenzie basin. These lands are managed by the Trust primarily for wildlife habitat, water quality protection, and scenic values.