Bruce Ecuador

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About Us

Bruce Ecuador is a non-governmental organization aimed at educating the poorest and most marginalized children in the barrios (neighborhoods) of Quito, whom otherwise would have not been given this chance. Established in 2006, Bruce Ecuador has continually found strength and stability through the help and support of many volunteers, friends and dedicated individuals, both locally and internationally, in the fight against poverty and injustice. The organization works diligently towards the holistic educational development of these children; providing education, medical care, recreational activities, nutritional foods, clothing, and integration into family life, support and love. We are dedicated to changing the way these children think and live by providing them with an education that will continue well into the future.

Bruce Ecuador is run by dedicated volunteers and Ecuadorian teachers who hope to make a difference in the world. We reach out to underprivileged and impoverished children from the streets of the barrios where we operate, and we work with their families to get them into our schools. Once in our schools, the children are provided with the necessary materials and resources in order to enable them to enter the public school system at the appropriate grade level. Through the support of Ecuadorian teachers and volunteers, the children are given daily lessons, a nutritious breakfast, recreational time as well as emotional and behavioral support. We strive to ensure their physical and emotional well-being by reporting physical abuse to local police and counselors, working with violent families to prevent abuse, paying for eye tests and glasses, treating wounds and ailments, taking children for medical tests and providing extra activities and attention for children who face neglect or a violent home life.

Once the children are ready to enter the local public school system, the organization continues to support the families by paying a percentage of the children’s matriculation fees, uniforms, and school supplies. Furthermore, we continue to monitor the progress of past students, with the help of the teachers, in order to ensure that the educational, emotional and financial resources are available for them to thrive and succeed.

Through the hard work and dedication of our full-time volunteers, our local liaisons, generous travelers who have lent an invaluable hand, and the charitable support of numerous local and international businesses and individuals, Bruce Ecuador currently operates two schools in the barrios of Quito. With additional funding, Bruce Ecuador hopes to expand the organization by opening up more schools in and around Quito in order to educate and reach more children.

We would like to take this opportunity to say “Gracias” to all of our sponsors and donors who continue to support our projects and seek a better future for our children.