Great Opportunities

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30986 Calle San Diego
San Juan Capistrano
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About Us

Great Opportunities focuses on introducing youths to the aquatic environment so that they will have a better understanding of our impact on it. Through mentoring and education, Great Opportunities provides the skills and education necessary to make informed decisions and take responsible actions.

Great Opportunities directs its efforts at children living in a high-density, low income area of San Juan Capistrano. We offer swim lessons: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. In addition to swim lessons, we offer many beach days that involve body surfing, body boarding, and surfing. We also plan educational tours and travels, for example: a tour of the South Orange County Water Treatment Plant, which is preceded by a talk of water shed management and pollution by a City Engineer of San Juan Capistrano; a talk given by a Warden of the California Department of Fish and Game, followed by environmental education of returning migration of California’s natural fish to its creeks by Trout Unlimited; an educational talk and tour of the tide pools at Crystal Cove State Beach; deep sea fishing hosted by Friends of Rollo; biological education aboard the “Sea Explorer” of the Marine Institute.

Throughout the year Great Opportunities offers the children a chance to participate in the San Juan Capistrano Creek Clean Up. Great Opportunities is also in the process of adopting a street water drain that empties into the Trabuco Creek. Great Opportunities offers all families to participate in Earth Day clean up and all children to watch the Christmas Boat Parade in Dana Point Harbor.

At no cost to the families that participate, we rely on the financial support from businesses and individuals in our area. We are designated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service we are requesting a letter of request for funding.