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About Us

The Bright Life Foundation is established with commitment to provide the highest quality of education for the most under privileged children of society (orphans, tribal children living in remote areas, street children in harmful environment, children living below poverty line). Though the Bright Life Foundation started its activities in association with The Polineni Chinnammai Memorial Trust, A.P India, its activities will not be confined to one place.

When the present projects are successfully done, the foundation intends to participate in other projects with same objectives without geographic and demographic discrimination. As a first endower of the trust, a boarding school was started and providing highest quality education from grade one to 12 with free boarding, food, books, uniforms etc.

The goals of the trust are to admit highly motivated driven kids and being under privileged. This being facility to give chance to acquire a better education offering them a safe and stable institutional environment that will faster their intellectual growth and to teach the life values to serve as a spring board for successful future.

Keeping the trust's long term self sustainability and to be self reliant as goals of the trust the founder's( trust) family has committed to provide full infrastructure development and maintenance & Staff support.