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About Us

CPC Watch operates on one simple principle: how can we claim that women are "free to choose" their reproductive destinies when fake clinics are pushing false information to tens of thousands of women all over the country?

CPC Watch is a grassroots effort, supported by choice advocates from all walks of life, and is tied together by its website, an online resource for comprehensive reproductive information. The website’s mission is to expose the lies put forth by fake clinics, provide information about CPCs, list known CPCs, list the "warning signs" of a CPC, and provide the locations and contact information for legitimate healthcare providers where women can trust they're receiving the very best, unbiased medical information regarding their reproductive options.

We operate under a platform of reproductive justice, the idea that all women ought to have complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, economic, and social control over their bodies, their sexualities, and their reproductive lives. We are not associated with any political party or umbrella organization, although we are always willing to make positive alliances with those who share our vision towards sexual and reproductive autonomy for all.