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About Us

At Project Change we are developing ways to re-approach education. Our mission is to convince students they have what it takes to change the world.

Our approach spawns from a project-based learning format. Currently, we're going about this with six different initiatives:

A curriculum that lets students choose a problem and then collaboratively work toward a solution to that problem.

A design initiative that holds to the belief that design and quality communicate excellence.

An advisory network that consists of local, respectable people from the community who help navigate the students through the processes involved with creating a solution to their chosen problem.

A rally that gives students the chance to showcase their hard work and be proud of what they've produced.

Holo I Mua Forums host local, respected professionals who share insight from their own experiences and journeys. Students are exposed to a variety of professions and the tools that are helpful for success now and into the future.

The Project Change Summit allows the student groups with the best problem-solution combination to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges comprised of local business and community professionals. The winning group is awarded monetary funds to enact their proposal.