The European Mental and Metabolism Association (EMMA)

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About Us

The European Mental and Metabolism Association (EMMA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1996 and officialised in June 2005. The scope of this essentially European, but also International, Association is to advocate reliable, valid and independent biomedical research, and bring the hope for a cure, in the field of Mental and Metabolic diseases.

"Synaptic plasticity and adaptive behaviors are likely dependent on the capacity of neurons to meet the energy demands for neuronal activity, imposed by daily environmental challenges. In case of excessive pressure, neuronal energy metabolism may get overwhelmed. Then, depressed mood, tiredness, low-energy feelings, and listlessness are the most common symptoms associated with such a mental fatigue."

Evolved Minds shall : concentrate onto a goal, filter distracting stimuli, evaluate the input against a cognitive map, elaborate and evaluate responses, perform planned activities, inhibit all inappropriate drives. Any failure of energy metabolism in brain areas subserving these functions likely results in a failure of behavior, often called "symptom", and in mental disorder