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Alabama Prison Reform was formed in response to the horrifying lapses that took place in the Madison County Jail involving the torturous and unnecessary deaths of three prison inmates.

Deundrez Woods, 19, died naked on the floor of his cell in August 2014 in the custody of Madison County of a gangrenous wound after suffering tasings and torturous cold water “hose” baths to combat the stench of his infection.

Nikki Listau, 60, died in March 2014 in the custody of Madison County after suffering a seizure and falling from her bunk.

Tanisha Jefferson, 30, died in October 2014 in the custody of Madison County of an intestinal blockage and after weeks of unimaginable pain.

Now, AL prison reform is demanding accountability from Madison County administrators, along with an action plan to improve healthcare access in the Madison County Jail.