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About Us

About Hello, My Name is KING, Inc.Mission

Our mission is to empower Black boys and men to break barriers, publicly value themselves, and make a difference in the communities.


Develop an international platform for males of color from each corner of the diaspora that supports a unified movement of excellence in education, economics, and entertainment. 

What We Do…

Hello, My Name is KING, Inc. was established by Whitney Stovall in 2014 in response to the HMNK creates a platform for positive Black male images, and impact the internal beliefs of Black men and boys.

Our 3 areas of focus are: entertainment, education, and Black economics. We provide opportunities for personal development that is accomplished through partnerships with local schools, by engaging in public forums, and providing the space for self-expression, and leadership. 


Why Support Hello, My Name is KING, Inc.?


According to a 2010 article published inPsychological Today, a positive perspective has the ability to rapidly spread to others. While there are many influential Black men, there are not as many positive images that reflect their efforts. Public perception of Black males is tainted with negative stereotypes and misconceptions that creates obstruction amongst various groups of people. Wherein, the beauty, talent, value, and humanness of Black men are buried from the world and themselves. HMNK encourages people to challenge mainstream media and elevate the way one things in order to unify and strengthen the cross-racial relationships in urban societies. 

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