Bo Gangkar Manjushree School

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About Us

The Bo Gangkar Manjushree School is an educational initiative that aims to bring high quality education for free to children coming from underprivileged backgrounds in the Himalayan region. In addition to providing the individual students with better lives, the aim is to empower the communities and to build long term results that will help secure a better standard of living for the region in the future, and to help protect its unique cultural heritage.At the moment the organisation is hosting 12 children in Kathmandu, giving them a homelike environmet to stay in and the chance to attend school attached to a monastery that offers the standard Nepali curriculum. In the future the aim is to build a boarding school that offers a comprehensive 10-year curriculum that will cover modern science and technology, humanities, languages and arts, as well as a steady training in Dharma teachings and yoga. Mindful compassion and unbiased kindness towards all sentient beings, as well as the protection of the environment serve as the most important guidelines for students and teachers alike.

The project started as a dream of a Buddhist monk, Lama Dhundup, who himself was born in a remote Himalayan village. We very much hope to get your help in materializing Lama Dhundup's heartfelt wish to help Himalayan children gain a level of education that allows them to build a better standard of living for themselves, while taking lead in sustaining their unique way of life and protecting their rich cultural heritage, as well as the majestic environment they live in.