Jones Valley Teaching Farm

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About Us

Jones Valley teaching farm is an education nonprofit based in Birmingham, Alabama. In 2007, our founders transformed a city block into an urban farm, driven by the singular purpose of making our community a healthier place. Over time, jones valley has come to be known as a representation of health, nutrition and local food systems in Birmingham. And we continue to grow and sell organic produce in local markets today.

In 2011, the organization made a strategic decision to both renew and refocus our mission. Today, our greatest focus is education: connecting young people to their food, and helping them understand where it comes from and why it matters. Our mission is to Empower future generations with an education to eat smarter, think healthier—and live better.

2011 also saw us educate more than 1,700 K-8 students through our science and nutrition education program Seed to Plate, and our goal is to educate 3,200 more this year. As we begin our development as a K-8 focused organization, we will also run two new pilot programs in Birmingham area schools next school year.

Our focus on K-8 education is in direct response to what has become a defining time period for diet and food related health issues in Birmingham and Alabama. Jones Valley's mission has never been more urgent. If we expect to increase our competiveness, productivity and educational achievement as a city and state, we must turn our attention to addressing these very critical, but preventable, health needs and consumption habits of future generations. Our aim is to develop unique educational offerings for young students that build upon proven teaching and learning methodologies so that we play a critical role in increasing student learning, awareness and confidence in issues related to food and nutrition.