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masindi town center
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About Us

Am Bob lucky the founder of lucky's orphanage project in Uganda, East Africa. At this moment am introducing to you this amazing project. 6yrs ago i realized just how many children had been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. “Someone should do something about this”, I thought, and then realized that I am ‘someone’. So I started this orphanage to help where I can, in hopes that others will join in changing lives for these orphans who otherwise have nowhere to live, no one to care for them, and no hope for the future. I set up and run Lucky’s Orphanage as a registered charity that helps feed, clothe, shelter and educate orphans in Masindi, in western Uganda. We help children aged 8-17; they are young and they need a lot of support. Many of these kids were picked up from the streets, and most don’t know their relatives at all. There are so many orphans here, and we are trying not only to keep them off the streets, but to create a supportive atmosphere for them. If they are to have a future, they need all the help we can give. So far we have 72 children staying with at the orphanage, and (with your help) we are aiming to increase on that number to 180, and then to start a girls’ section that will also house 180 orphans. That number – 360 children in total – is also the ideal size for starting and running a school where the children can grow into their full intelligence and skills. There are over a million children in Uganda who have lost one or both parents due to the AIDS epidemic. We lack the funds to offer as much support as we’d like in terms of school fees, shelter, medicine, clothing… Frankly, it’s a challenge simply giving them enough food to survive. All of us at Lucky’s Orphanage – staff, volunteers and children – truly appreciate YOUR help and support. Our aim is not only to save the kids from poverty – our main goal is to raise them to be better people in the future, and to train them in various skills or trades so that they can help themselves and support the next generation. Public and private donations create a big impact to this project, and provide direct benefits for kids who otherwise have nowhere to go and no hope for the future. Your help will change their lives!”
we really need volunteers to come down here for a visit and help us with the project.