Global Citizens Center for Development

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About Us

GCCD was created to address and put in place poverty alleviation programs in Haiti. Our current focus is a community in the Central Plateau of Haiti called Marmont. We will have a primary school, a health facility and an agriculture technical school. We believe that the community can only reach self-sustainability when some basic needs are adequately tackled to enable this ultra rural community to have healthy and educated children, drinking water, adequate sanitary conditions and a reasonable agricultural productivity.

Our mission is to work with the people in the community and get them involved with health issues that affect their growth and development.  GCCD will promote the health and well-being of the local population by providing accessible, high quality medical care to community residents. We will work to create responsible, active and healthy citizens. Our values are citizenship, justice, compassion, and integrity. GCCD believes that everyone has the right to basic health care.