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About Us

In the spirit of a Healthy Start and a Healthy Future, the CIS FirstSchool Garden Program was developed to cultivate student health and student success. The CIS FirstSchool Garden Program provides hands on, relevant and appropriate instruction for the acquisition of behaviors, which contribute, to a healthy lifestyle for students & families. The CIS FirstSchool Garden is a successful vehicle for teaching important 21st century ideas with a back to basics approach. The project’s objective is that the CIS FirstSchool Garden Program confronts obstacles such as obesity, ecology and sustainability. Our goal is cultivating a student’s success through mind, body, spirit and planet.

Utilizing a seed to saucepan approach, we support students in developing lifelong nutrition and fitness behaviors by bringing diet, nutrition and food preparation directly to students in the garden. Through hands on experience, they discover what it takes to get the food they eat to their plate. When working in the garden, students have an opportunity to get fresh air, sunshine and exercise in an outdoor setting. Taking care of themselves and their environment go hand in hand in the garden. Sustainability concepts permit children to see their role in the overall earth ecology and the direct effect it has at a local level. They are exposed to a variety of recycling efforts including water conservation, composting and vermicomposting.