The Gloucester Adventure, Inc.

  • Massachusetts


4 Harbor Loop
United States

About Us

The Gloucester Adventure, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit maritime historic preservation and educational organization. We are the stewards of the 1926 dory-fishing Schooner Adventure.

Our mission begins with restoration and preservation in perpetuity of the National Historic Landmark Schooner Adventure, one of the last surviving Grand Banks dory-fishing schooners.

The Schooner Adventure is a national treasure that has resumed active sailing as an icon of the American fisheries and as a floating classroom for maritime history and environmental education programs.

The Schooner will be operated at sea, primarily along the New England coast, as a living monument to Massachusetts’?? fishing heritage. As such, the Schooner Adventure is important not only to Gloucester, but also to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and all America.


The mission of The Gloucester Adventure, Inc. is to:

Restore and preserve the Schooner Adventure for the enrichment of future generations and their love of the sea.

Enable the Schooner Adventure to serve as a community resource for educational programming focusing on maritime, cultural, and environmental issues.

Operate the Schooner Adventure at sea as a living symbol of America’s maritime heritage.