Morrison Lab School at SUNY Orange

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115 South Street

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About Us


The Mission of the Lab School at SUNY Orange is to provide educational excellence to young children, college students and Orange County families.

We provide your child with a happy, healthy, supportive, and stimulating learning environment. In each classroom, the curriculum is designed so that children may develop to their highest potential socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

Our philosophy:

·      Is based on recognized and documented developmental principles, understanding that children learn best by being actively engaged in their learning. Learning is a process of discovery and exploration and play has a central role in this process. Play experiences provide a basis for ongoing development, realizing that each develops at his or her own individual rate.

·      Recognizes that the teacher’s role is critical in supporting and facilitating children’s play and learning. Teachers construct the indoor and outdoor environment allowing children to fully explore and interact based on their individual developmental level. Teachers work as a professional team, understanding that children need to be met with dignity by providing positive guidance strategies helping them make appropriate choices, and to socialize with other children. It is understood that professionalism is a key ingredient in keeping our schools at the highest quality.

·      Promotes family partnerships and active involvement based on understanding, trust, and mutual respect. Families and teaching staff work together to make the transition from home to school a pleasant experience for the child and the family.

·      Encompasses working alongside the Education Department by fulfilling the mission of providing future teachers a model for educational excellence. In addition, the Lab School is a place where any department can utilize our facilities to supplement its coursework in early childhood.