Environmental Protection Network

  • District of Columbia


3100 Ellicott Street Northwest
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

EPN is a newly formed volunteer organization made up of former federal and state officials, established to provide a defense against current efforts to undercut vigorous environmental protections. EPN strives to preserve and advance the nation’s legacy of progress towards clean air, water and land and climate protection for all Americans. Its principal focus is to assure the capacity of government agencies charged with public health and environmental protection to sustain that progress.  EPN harnesses a unique asset: the experience, expertise and institutional memory of the very people who built these programs, researched and wrote the regulations, and implemented, defended and enforced them. EPN offers this unique resource by developing and disseminating independent analysis and by partnering with and providing analysis to existing institutions– among them journalists, government officials,  states, and public health-focused organizations. EPN is bipartisan, and includes career staff and political appointees from both Republican and Democratic administrations.