Farz Association of Rehabilitation and Development

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About Us

INTRODUCTION “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that has.” Margaret Mead Farz is an Urdu word whose literal translation means obligation or responsibility. Farz Association of Rehabilitation and Development is a registered non-governmental organization that was formed by some committed motivated youths of Rawalpindi & Islamabad city in 2003. These passionate youth took the social development of youth and children as their enduring social obligation. The organization has undergone an evolutionary process to get matured as a professional non-governmental organization. Initially a group of youth pooled together to fulfill their social obligation (Farz) of social and developmental issues of youth and children in Rawalpindi. It is registered as ‘Citizen Community Board’ to work in partnership with District and Tehsil Government. now it is registered as a nongovernmental organization under society Act XXI of 1860 ( Registration No RJSC/DISTTRWP/O6 OF 2009 --2010). However, the vision and mission of the organization remains intact since its inception.

Vision Mission


Farz Association of Rehabilitation and Development envisions of “an equitable society for children and youth wherein they avail equal opportunities to harness their full potential to become socially responsible citizens who fulfill their rights and obligations.”


Farz Association of Rehabilitation and Development is a non governmental organization that strives for the development of youth and children by taking this as its social obligation to be fulfilled by:

Building capacities of youth and children Creating a congenial environment for growth and development Proactively involving stakeholders to mutually decide and share their roles and responsibilities. Bridging gaps between public, communal and private institutions.