Centro Legal por los Derechos Humanos, Inc.

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About Us

Centro Legal's mission is to improve access to the court system and assure quality legal representation for clients regardless of income, ethnicity, or native language by providing legal education and representation to low-income clients who are in personal transition out of poverty toward safety and self-sufficiency.

Centro Legal provides free and low-cost legal services for individuals and families in Milwaukee County.  We serve a diverse group of clients in family law and criminal misdemeanor defense cases.  As part of our family law programs, we offer specialized services for victims of domestic abuse. We also serve as court appointed counsel for minors in family and paternity courts.  We help clients successfully navigate the legal system. Our goal for our clients is that they maintain stable homes and remain employed in the face of legal difficulties. For our clients who are subject to domestic abuse or who are in a period of transition, our services empower them to achieve safety and independence.