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About Us

Justice Project Pakistan is a non-governmental organisation, which was established in Lahore in January 2010. The JPP provides support to those prisoners who are the most vulnerable in the criminal justice system, namely those facing the death penalty, victims of police torture, and those who are held beyond the rule of law in secret prisons.

We provide direct legal representation to prisoners on death row as well as those abducted, rendered and detained in secret prisons (within and outside Pakistan) on a pro bono basis, which includes investigation, litigation and case management.

We also initiate “strategic litigation” that is intended to identify and redress the lapses in the criminal justice system, such as fair trial and torture, by setting valuable precedents in Pakistan’s jurisprudence.

In an effort to create awareness in the field of capital defence, we also assist national and international teams of litigators in conducting seminars and workshops on an annual basis.The Justice Project operates [in part] by a grant from the Reprieve Fellowship Programme.