Express Credit Union

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About Us

Express Credit Union (ECU) is a not for profit financial institution with the mission to provide fair and affordable financial services to low and moderate income people, and in doing so help them build assets and achieve financial stability.

Express Credit Union is affiliated with Express Advantage (EA), which is a non-profit, social justice organization committed to developing and implementing strategies to reduce the “high cost of being poor” and increasing wealth building opportunities for underrepresented and underserved populations. Specifically EA focuses on reducing the cost and barriers associated with accessing mainstream financial services and creating pathways to build financial and social assets that will help people become more stable, secure and empowered.

In affiliation with Express Credit Union, and in partnership with many community based organizations, EA connects with underserved communities and provides information, education and supportive services that help people be more successful navigating the financial system and using it to their benefit to achieve their personal goals