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About Us

Towards Justice is a nonprofit organization that provides sophisticated legal representation, comprehensive access to justice services, and know-your-workers-rights training programs to low-wage and immigrant workers. Our Access to Justice Program provides free and confidential workplace justice claim analysis and directly connects wage theft victims to a network of legal resources. Our IMPACT Litigation program uses class action litigation and strategic communications strategies to empower low-wage workers and advance systemic reform in the labor market. For example, Alejandro Menocal came to Towards Justice frustrated about earning $1 per day for work performed while held at an immigrant detention center in Aurora, Colorado. Alejandro ended up discussing detention center conditions on the radio, organizing current and former detainees and, with Towards Justice as counsel, advancing claims for forced labor and unjust enrichment against the country’s second largest private prison provider. Meanwhile, an au pair in Highlands Ranch, Colorado alerted Towards Justice of systemic injustices in the J-1 visa program. That au pair is now seeking redress for a class of over 50,000 au pairs and Towards Justice is using court dates and deadlines to convert long-standing injustices into issues of our day.