Association for Research into Crimes against Art

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About Us

The Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA) is an outreach organization that works to promote research and the study of art crime and cultural heritage protection. ARCA aims to bridge the gap between the practical and theoretical by fostering collaboration between foreign and domestic law enforcement officials, security consultants, academics, lawyers, archaeologists, insurance specialists, criminologists, art historians, conservators, and others. The association’s principle goal is to raise public awareness about art related crime and to encourage better preservation and protection of the world’s collective cultural heritage.

At the grassroots level, ARCA seeks to identify emerging and under-examined trends related to art crime and to develop strategies that advocate for the responsible stewardship of our collective artistic and archaeological heritage. ARCA advances its mission through its educational programming, research publications, and public outreach. It also sponsors a range of conferences, writing fellowships and awards promoting interest in this unique field of study.

ARCA’s intent is to incrementally shift the values of contemporary society and ensure greater protection of the world’s art and cultural patrimony. It does so my encouraging knowledge transfer between scholars and allied professionals in the fields of law, criminal justice, museum studies, and cultural resource management at the national and international level. Similarly, ARCA works to improve the collective relationship with the past by leveraging the knowledge and influence of professionals, patrons, and the public.