Society to Benefit Everyone, Inc.

  • MA


PO Box 21
United States

About Us

Society to Benefit Everyone, Inc., dba Common Good Finance, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in Massachusetts.

Vision. We envision a society in which we gather locally to decide for ourselves what our funding priorities should be:

  • for sustainable agriculture and energy systems,
  • for local self-reliance,
  • for ensuring that everyone has healthy food, a home, healthcare, and satisfying work, and
  • for helping people elsewhere.

We call this a Common Good Economy.

Mission. Our mission is to design and establish the framework for that new economy by integrating a fast-growing mutual credit system with traditional bank accounts, so our mainstream economy can connect seamlessly to community-created credits, community-centered decision-making, innovation, cooperation, and economic justice. This hybrid system gives today’s participants the experience of local economic sovereignty central to our vision of a Common Good Economy.

Strategy. To that end, we plan to launch rCredits™ in Greenfield, Massachusetts in May of 2013. After the concept is proven, other communities can easily adopt the rCredits system so, over time, there will be a network of Common Good Communities, leading us quickly to a society that benefits everyone.