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About Us

WHO WE ARE: SurvJustice is a D.C.-based national not-for-profit organization that increases the prospect of justice for all survivors through effective legal assistance that enforces victim rights and holds both perpetrators and enablers of sexual violence accountable in campus, criminal and civil systems. Founded in 2014 by Laura L. Dunn, it is still the only national organization that provides legal assistance to survivors in campus hearings across the country. SurvJustice also provides policy advocacy and institutional trainings services to communities that seek to better prevent and address campus sexual violence. By working on these fronts, SurvJustice decreases the prevalence of campus sexual violence through the United States.

WHO WE ARE NOT: Although the work of SurvJustice naturally raises awareness about campus sexual violence and encourages prevention, our mission is neither prevention nor awareness focused. Rather SurvJustice’s theory of change is that increasing the prospect of justice for survivors through enforcing victim rights and holding both perpetrators and enablers accountable in campus, criminal and civil systems will decrease the prevalence of sexual violence across the country. SurvJustice does not provide support resources to survivors, such as counseling or therapy, nor is it a fundraising source for campaigns, organizations, groups, survivors, or lawsuits. Finally, SurvJustice does not assist accused students that are not victims of sexual violence.