Mountain Heart Nepal

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About Us

Mountain Heart Nepal is an NGO that was formed after the devastating earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015. A number of young doctors and other medical staff came together to try and make an active difference by turning their attention towards delivering free of charge medical aid to villages and communities that lack regular access to medical care.

Following its initial purpose, which was largely focused on disaster relief, the organisation has branched out. They reach out to local community leaders to help identify the health issues present in that region and proceed to organize medical camps where those are most needed and the biggest improvements can be made. The community leaders are asked to act as a connection between the organisation and the people, with a purpose to inform as many as possible of the location and timing of the medical camp that is to be organised. People often have to travel several hours to even get to these temporary clinics and do so in great numbers, simply because there is no other option available in the area and traveling to a city is either too expensive, or made impossible due to difficult terrain, weather and/or health conditions.

The medical camps by Mountain Heart Nepal have proven to be much longed for initiative, During its first year of existence, MHN was able to reach out to more than 16.000 people through no less than 24 of these expeditions to various regions across the country. The people involved with the NGO graciously commit themselves free of charge for the fieldwork they do. Sadly, all the material needed for their work does not simply come falling from the sky. The international community made sure that funds were made available directly after the earthquake in 2015, but since then, that river of support has trickled down to a small creek. Meanwhile, the situation of Nepal and its inhabitants could still do with tons of improvements when it comes to medical attention.

MHN aims to

1. Work in the development, improvement and maintenance of health services and facilities by means of health camps and through the implementation of community health education programs.

2. Collaborate with the different similar public health organizations and work hands on for the welfare of society.

3. Provide health volunteers for the different health related programmes such as health camps, disaster management, blood donations, etc.

4. Promote health research among the medical students through various tools and techniques used in public health care.