San Francisco Civic Music Association

  • California


1243 28th Avenue
San Francisco
United States

About Us

San Francisco Civic Music is an independent, nonprofit organization founded by members of the San Francisco Civic Symphony. The Association’s mission is to offer free concerts to the community and to provide a place where musicians of all levels can learn and perform. Our operations are paid for by donations from our musicians, listeners and supporters.

The San Francisco Civic Music Association has a two-fold Mission. We will provide a place for musicians of all skill levels and experiences to play together, and we will provide free live concerts to the general community.


What makes us unique?

While there are several other community orchestras in the Bay Area, most of them require that musicians be able play at intermediate to advanced levels. Our ensembles offer an open and welcoming environment for “late learners” or people who may have put down their instruments for a period of time and wish to start playing again.  We also have very experienced members who wish to keep up their advanced playing abilities and enjoy challenging themselves with new repertoire.

SF Civic Music and our ensembles operate under the belief that great music can be created and enjoyed by the whole community.