Momentum Cultural Association

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About Us

The Cultural Association Momentum was founded in 2008 due to the desire of some students from the National University of Music of Bucharest to show what they are capable of with their artistic skills, in a personal manner, and to try to draw people with the same interests in the domains of the 7 arts and their subcategories.

Who forms the Momentum Association? It is us and it is you who form it, all of you out there that have an interest in anything related to culture. It is us and it is you who form it, the ones who want to change something in the people next to you.

What does Momentum Association do? We get involved in everything that implies a cultural event or project. We organise performances and we have photography and architecture exhibitions. We also write a Momentum magazine which is available online for everybody and contains sections with all the 7 artistic domains.

Why be a part of our team? Because we really are a team. We work hard, we express ourselves freely, we put passion into everything we do. We are not only colleagues, we are also friends. And because this has been the same right from the beginning, in these 3 years since the birth of the Momentum Association we have grown and we accomplished beautiful things. And we also have the best team buildings!

What do we intend to do from now on? Collaborations and partnerships with educational institutions and other similar ones is one of our main objectives. We also want to obtain as many funds as possible by writing projects and to offer the opportunity for as many young people as we can for a personal development. We want to make the difference!

Long story short, this is who we are and what we do, us Momentum members. And we persevere because we know that what you do in life echoes in eternity!