The 4LBU Foundation

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679 South Nardo Avenue
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About Us

Changing the world one child at a time with meditation and mindfulness.

Led by former NFL Player, Prince Daniels Jr, The 4LBU Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to help youth and young adults identify and utilize their own unique talents, aspirations, and abilities through guidance and achievement.  The 4LBU Foundation inspires and teaches children to go within themselves to recognize and develop those talents specific to them, without regard for other people’s beliefs about what they can and cannot accomplish.

The foundation, alongside the sister companies 4LBU LLC and The Amazing Lamp LLC foster mindfulness and meditation to our youth. Prince, author of Danny Yukon and the Secrets of the Amazing Lamp, truly believes the Dalai Lama principal that if all children are taught meditation, violence can be eliminated from this world.

Please review our other websites at and to learn more! This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the world.

You can also see a highlight video here of what we are doing:

Del Mar Heights Elementary School, San Diego, CA:

Local Atlanta News Coverage: We were able to donate books to the entire 3rd grade during that visit:

Stuttgart, Arkansas Elementary School visit:

Stuttgart, Arkansas Principal testimonial of school visit: