I Change My Nation

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About Us

It is online and offline operating platform where every citizen of Nigeria home and abroad can constructively criticize and praise the activities of the three tiers of government and fellow citizens. The existing portal is just a prototype, standard portal is under construction.

It is also an avenue to pool token resources together to boost all the following areas:

  • Its an avenue to boost health care
  • Its an avenue to aid rule of law
  • Propagation of equity and rule of law
  • Tackling of hunger, crimes, jungle justices, illegal immigration, trafficking and violation of human rights
  • Preaching tenet of democracy

Right from 774 Local Government areas, 36 States and Federal Government, there is privileged to criticize the political office holders and fellow citizens which will be communicated to the world at large. Meanwhile the careers and health issues of the less privileged will be given its deserved attention as part of effort to sustain peace and show love to the less privilege in the society.

The platform will be run by Nigerians both at home and abroad that desires a rapid change in social and economic development. With the dissemination of updates and current information regarding the occurrences in all functions of government, the citizens will be well informed. So therefore, our leaders will no longer have a hiding place to practice or indulge in any form of corruption. This is an obvious path to reduction of in our nation.

I Change My Nation comes to sweep away corruption, lack and suffering from our land.

Help us to make it work, if we don’t do it, no one will do it. So we can keeping tab on our political office holders and the leaders. Ever wonder what our elected leaders doing in office or some people do not even know them let alone of have idea or knowledge of their activities?

I Change My Nation is an avenue to find out about what our Political Office holders has been doing in office - specifically the status of situations before they resumed to the office, their current performance in the office and their current missions for the masses.

One of the critical features on I Change My Nation is a platform where people are free to express their views and thoughts about the performance of the political holders that they voted into office as it is enshrined in Nigeria’s constitution. They would be able to say what they know about them and let the world criticize their performances.

"We need assistance in the following areas"

Web Development and Maintenance; Hosting servers, Publicity of the portal (online ads, Bill boards, posters, t-shirts, wrist-bands, souvenirs, TV and radio) , internet connectivity, gadgets (Desktops, Laptops, Digital Cameras, Ipad, Surveillance Cameras and Office equipments ) and pick-up vehicles