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Mukono Municipality

About Us

Christian Volunteers'Network

Christian Volunteers Network is a non-profit making organization which was formed in the year 2010 by Henrik Kasozi and a group of individuals from his Church with the aim of spreading the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ through voluntary services. They started by helping a nearby family which was in a great need.The widow and primary breadwinner had fallen ill and was unable to continue working in her stone crushing business. In addition to struggling to meet their daily needs the home was in need of many repairs. This dynamic group not only made the repairs but also helped the family find proper medical care, and provided financial guidance. Their persistent Christ-like love and service eventually led the family to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Since then, Christian Volunteers Network has aided the disabled, provided financial assistance for medical expenses, and formed jobs for the unemployed and even encouraged community members and International people to volunteer for local organizations.

Our mission is to spread the Gospel through helping the poor, disabled, disadvantaged and elderly with the basic needs of food, clothing, housing and medical expenses. We strive to assist those individuals and/or families who are experiencing a “Crisis” in their lives. A Crisis might be financial– due to a loss of employment, medical – due to a recent change in the health status of a family member, or psychological - due to a stressful situation in your daily life.