youth reconciliation and awareness forum

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Kenyatta Avenue Nakuru
Nakuru county

About Us

YRAF (Youth Reconciliation & Awareness Forum) is a Community-Based Organization (CBO) based in Nakuru County, Kenya. It was started in 2000 with the objective of ameliorating the adverse condition of IDPs within its area of operation.

The organization has a board comprising 8 officials who serve in voluntary capacity and are headed by the Founding Director, Mr. Ben Gathogo, The initiative is registered with the Government of Kenya’s Social Services Department as a CBO (Community Based Organization). Its broad objectives include:

1.To integrate IDPs into economic and social interaction with the local host community as a way of conflict prevention and/or de-escalation. 2.To identify and promote the existing untapped talent of IDP residents through training and income-generating activities to minimize donor dependency. 3.To offer a platform for articulating IDPs perspectives, showcasing their skills and need for peaceful coexistence with their host communities. 4.To link synergies in poverty amelioration activities so that there is a higher possibility of sustainable programs that enable them drive their destinies rather than being victims of their present circumstances. 5.To promote right choices among youth in regard to HIV/AIDS, drug-use and other negative social tendencies.